The punishment for caring about water

#Spirit on the Auburn California City Hall flag pole.


Busted for allowing Placer County Water Agency to dump over a period of over twenty years, hundreds of tons of contaminated waste from Auburn down the banks of the American River the Auburn City Council, Public Works Director and the City Manager Mr. Bob Robert Richardson decided that they would not maintain the memorial dedicated to our fallen as punishment for blowing the whistle.  

Spirit on the flag pole at Ceronix in Auburn California


This was a fun installation, will post some images soon.  While this copy of Spirit has withstood the test of time because it is maintained the installation of Spirit on the Auburn City Hall flag pole was removed because they refused to maintain this memorial to our fallen.  #RespectOurFallen 

Installed on Memorial Day 2001 on the Louis Bank of Commerce in San Diego.

The louise Bank of Commerce on fifth Ave. in San Diego California.

Commissioned to replace the original eagles that were lost in a fire in 1903, Spirit was dedicated to all who do and have served and the fallen.  

Only the best


The United Stated Department of Defense chose LuminOre for their memorial seal for the fallen of 9/11.  Mr's Maki who has been against spending any money for the restoration of Spirit that was damaged because the city refused to maintain it has stated publicly that the Auburn City Council found a cheaper eagle for their flag pole rather than restore Spirit. The Art Department under under Mr's April Maynard who's department refused to allow Spirit to be remounted to prevent the stress that caused the failure of the installation in the first place does not believe Spirit even belongs on the flag pole and not deserving of restoration with it's original coating.  As an artist I chose only the best materials for my installations, especially where the installation is subjected to the environment. Gold and red are the two colors that do not hold up under the exposure of the sun, LuminOre is patented and the only material I ever use in these conditions, however the City Council does not believe our fallen deserve the best, they don't even want this memorial.

The Brown Act


The Auburn City Council has never allowed the issue of Spirit's removal to be on the council agenda, and the Art Department reverted to canceling the meeting scheduled for Veterans and concerned citizens on the City Website, then went ahead with the meeting and changing the status of the meeting after the fact. Not surprising for a City Council that repeatedly violates the Brown Act.  Ms. Louise Buda Gilbert (Also a lawyer like Mr's April Maynard) the former Chair for the Art Department under the guidance of the City Manager, Mr. Robert Richardson decided after been advised that the installation of Spirit was faulty and needed to be repositioned refused to allow any modifications.  The work was offered at no cost to the city yet despite been advised that failure to do so would cause the installation to fail and could even come lose and potentially kill someone, the city refused to maintain or allow this memorial to our fallen to be repositioned.  

Dedicated to the fallen.


The bronze plaque still in front of the Auburn City Hall flag pole despite Spirits removal by the Public Works Director.   When asked about the removal of Spirit in July, Council Member Cheryl Maki said "I was unaware that it had been removed" and went on to say "We do not have money for this!"  She has since publicly stated that the City will not be replacing this memorial, this in the Red Island of a Blue State where protecting Civil War monuments and #TakeAKnee is a big deal, just not a current memorial to our fallen first responders and servicemen.  Shame Mr's Maki and the council that supports her decision not to have this memorial.  Bridget Powers, Daniel Berland, Matt Spokely and William Kirby all support Mr's Maki's decision on this matter, all refusing to allow the issue to be opened up for discussion by the citizens of Auburn.


Paper trail

Mr's Maki and Bob Richardson would have you believe that they are patriots, when in facy they do not care for our fallen.  Over the years multiple attempts at having them allow the Auburn  installation of Spirit to be modified were intentionally ignored,  even when public safety was involved.  When they though no one was looking they simply removed Spirit without a council vote.  This is democracy in this swamp.  Attached in the photos are some exsamples of written requests to modify the installation that were ignored resulting in the destruction of Spirit.  Not even offering to remidy the situation for free would be tollerated.