Sam Ballard Artivist

Spirit "Dedicated to all who do and have served and the fallen." Sam Ballard

Freedom is not free, the sacrifice made by the fallen and their families deserves our respect.  #RespectOurFallen. #Spirit


Thanks to the Men and Women who died in service of the armed forces and in service as first responders we will never forget.  Sadly not everyone respects our fallen.  In Auburn California the City intentionally destroyed this memorial to our fallen.  While the memorial was approved for installation by a unanimous public vote under the guidance of Mayor Kathy Sands in 2003, Council member Cheryl Maki, the current council members, April Maynard of the Arts Commission and the city manager do not believe the People of Auburn have a say in what happens to this memorial to the fallen. They have for a year now refused to allow this matter to be on the council agenda preferring to dictate in back rooms in clear violation of the Brown Act.  The Old boy network is alive and well in this swamp.   #RespectOurFallen